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SARA BUBNA landespreis 2020 Pokale 2020
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Hi, I am Sara, a professional / certified photographer and contemporary photo artist in Salzburg. As a child I grew up bilingually in Great Britain and Austria. The different cultures and impressions were very exciting for me as a child and I soon felt the need to capture the extraordinary and particularly beautiful things, or to capture a special moment for eternal memory. With my curiosity and eye for details, I have retained a piece of my childhood. Always looking for hidden insights, I soon developed an interest in art, especially photography. This devotion stays with me to this day. ​


After my training in textiles & design in Salzburg and Vienna, I decided to return to England, where I worked in marketing, PR and media, including for “The Economist” in London. At the same time, I worked as a freelance photographer and photo artist, improving and developing my photography skills. After staying in England for 8 years, I returned to Austria. ​


Finally, with my master's degree in photography under my belt,

I founded “SARA BUBNA Photography” and have been self-employed as a certified professional photographer ever since. I specialize in commercial photography with architectural, product, business, and food photography for business clients as well as exclusive wedding photography, family photos, portraits, and fine art photography. A cross-section of my work can be seen in the portfolio.

At the National Professional Photographers' Award in March 2021, I was awarded 1st place for the best wedding photo and 2nd place for the best food photography. ​


For the World Photographic Cup 2022 (WPC), the Federal Photography Guild has selected the best works in 6 categories from all submissions from Austrian professional photographers. At the WPC 2022, national teams from 36 countries compete with their best photographers. One of my pictures made it into the Austrian national team and was nominated in the “Wedding” category. ​ ​


Currently, I'm working intensively on two completely new projects. Photography is of course a part of it, but I can't reveal too much yet. There will be more details announced soon! ​

....and a little personal stuff


I love my little family & my friends and am happy that we can live life again and celebrate together carefree. I always find a reason for celebrating ;-) I enjoy my garden and spend a lot of time in nature, I love swimming in a lake or in a stream, hiking on mountains, the main thing is to keep moving. Furthermore, I'm a passionate green tea drinker and have an uncontrollable weakness for exquisite chocolate - just imagine the combination...

Listening to music is also one of my long-time companions, I like to play old blues, soul, or funk records. Then of course there is travelling, getting to know new countries, landscapes, cultures, people and savouring the local cuisine fills me with deep happiness. Admittedly, I am an absolute symmetry freak, I think clear structures are great, and I always need a goal in mind. Art, modern architecture combined with beautiful antiques make my heart beat faster with enthusiasm.

It's an especially satisfying feeling that I can bring joy to others with my photography and make memories visible for a long time to come. In addition, my job takes me to the most beautiful places in Salzburg, Austria and across Europe, and I am always happy when international photo assignments can be combined with my desire to travel far away. ​


But enough about me - let's tell your story together in pictures - please contact me for detailed information. I'm looking forward to our photo shoot!

- do not fear failure but be terrified of regret -




Chiaroscuro-Food-Photography - Salzburg,  A

Heimat - Salzburg, A


Edition 6+2 - Salzburg,  A
Photomalerei - Bad Reichenhall,  D
Verbindung / Rysys - Salzburg,  A

Verbindung / Rysys - Vilnius,  LT

Dark night of the soul - NY, USA
naked2 : retake  - Salzburg,  A
Plastic Jesus - Salzburg,  A


Small is beautiful - Salzburg,  A
Schaubilder - Salzburg,  A
Repeating & Reflecting things - Saalfelden.  A
39 m2 art - Salzburg,  A
Export - Salzburg,  A



Planet Erde - Bad Tölz,  D
>articulus<  - Salzburg,  A
Rund herum - Bergheim,  A
Road Style - Salzburg,  A



Curriculum Vitae



QAP - Recertification, valid until 2027


World Photographic Cup (WPC) 2022

Nominated for the "Wedding" Category

National Photography Award 2020 for professional Photographers (March 2021)   

1. Place Wedding photography

2. Place Food photography


QAP - Recertification, valid until bis 2023


EP - Award from the Federation of European Photographers

2015 - till today

SARA BUBNA photography


Passed the master's examination (QAP) to become a certified professional photographer


2007 - till today

works as a freelance photographer/photo artist


2002 - 2006

Self-employed with an Advertising agency for event management & marketing in Austria


1994 - 2002

based in Cambridge & London, Great Britain

Publications ​


Exhibition catalogues:

* Connection/Rysys

* naked 2

* Planet Earth ​ ​


'kohr for kids' - A journey to human proportions

Schoolbook by Franz Paul Enzinger; Martina Fischer

Illustrated by Graham Wiseman,

8 photographs by Sara Bubna

Tauriska Publishing,

2011 ISBN: 978-3-901257-39-1

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